Our office at BUMC-PHX in the West Tower is moving! The office will be closed on July 12-17th and will reopen in our new location on July 18th in the main hospital on LL2. Enter from the hospitals Main Entrance off 12th Street and use the elevators just past the gift shop for access.

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AUTO LOANS: As low as 3.99% APR*

RV/BOAT/ATV: As low as 5.50% APR*

MOTORCYCLE: As low as 4.25% APR*

HOME EQUITY FIXED: As low as 6.75% APR*


PERSONAL: As low as 10.50%  APR*

*All loan rates are shown as Annual Percentage Rate or APR.

ONE YEAR: $10,000+ 1.18% APY*

TWO YEAR: $10,000+ 1.29% APY*

THREE YEAR: $10,000+  1.39% APY*

SHARE: $75.00 + 0.05% APY*

CHECKING: $500.00 + 0.01% APY*

MAXIMIZER: $25,000 + 0.42% APY*

TRADITIONAL: $10,000 + 1.21%  APY*

ROTH: $10,000 + 1.21%  APY*

*All savings rates are shown in APY, Annual Percentage Yield.  Penalties and fees could reduce the earnings advertised.

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